Jansen-Dongen is excited about your interest in our website and products/services. We respect the privacy of our visitors and we very carefully deal with your personal information. Jansen-Dongen sticks to the Dutch laws about privacy in this area. Below you can read how we deal with your personal information.

Information gathering and usage
Jansen-Dongen offers the possibility to visit and use parts of the website anonymous. The information we collect about the happenings here only refer to the usage on our website. In that perspective, we take a look at the amount of visitors per month, busy and calm periods, regions from where our website is visited and the pages that are watched the most. In addition, we collect ip-addresses, but none of these are ever used to track down individuals.

For using some pages it is necessary that a visitor fills in information. This information is stored in Jansen-Dongen’s database. Besides from the information that a visitor fills in when asked for, Jansen-Dongen automatically saves information about your internet-address and the brower used (the program with which you enter the internet). We do so to guard your information in the best possible way against wrong usage of it and to let the website perform in the best way on the device used by a visitor.



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