Potatoes - Packages


Jansen-Dongen packages its potatoes in all kinds of sorts and sizes. From the “traditional” potato-sack to the punnet and the special microwave-packaging.


Our advance machinery can be used in multiple ways, making production capacities and capabilities extremely flexible. Because of the advanced automation, all of this happens with a high speed, without any loss of accuracy.


Again, also in this area, the needs of our clients are the starting point. Does a client want a private label or a Jansen-Dongen design? Does the client want its product packaged per 500 grams or per 10 kilograms? For us, these questions are key and no matter what the client prefers, we will make it work.


Jansen-Dongen has the capabilities to adjust every aspect of its products to the vision of its clients.
All of our packaging is equipped with certificates of food safety.



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