Potatoes - Import


To guarantee a program with high-quality potatoes throughout the year, we also import potatoes. Although the Dutch product can have a long storage time (by mechanical cooling and box storage), erosion will start eventually.


Jansen-Dongen directly imports potatoes from a variety of countries. However, our agronomist is the one who is responsible for the growth-planning. Next to that, he is also available for accompaniment in these specific countries.


Combined with the Dutch growth, this means that Jansen-Dongen has a carefully outbalanced program to guarantee the delivery of potatoes throughout the year. Because of this program, the risks are lowered to a minimum in terms of quality and continuity.


The most important countries we import from: 



Israël is a relatively young export-country for potatoes. Because of its climate and the high-quality agricultural knowledge it is one of the best countries to import potatoes from.


Potatoes can be grown in Israël for very long periods. As a second, the potatoes can be harvested and transported almost every week, if needed.


Jansen-Dongen offers these potatoes (among others) under the name Fresh-i.



De Malta-potatoes gained a high-quality culinary status throughout the years. They are specially grown on small plots on the isle of Malta, in fertile red soil. Because they are grown on small plots the potatoes are being harvested by hand, which improves the appearance of the potatoes a lot, since it does not harm the thin skin as much as normally.


Jansen-Dongen has a special packaging and promotion plan for these potatoes. In 2008, we held a contest to come up with a slogan, with an ultimate prize of winning a journey to Malta.



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