Did you know that within the segment of onions there is more than the well-known yellow onion? As an example, garlic is also within this segment. The whole range is being perceived as one of the best flavour enhancers in every kitchen. For almost every recipe there is a delicious onion-type. Even better, an onion is not only delicious, but also very healthy!


Growth and import

Jansen-Dongen also has its own growth in terms of the onion product range. In the Netherlands the growth is concentrated in Zeeland and all certified based on Global Gap. 


To guarantee high-quality products, we choose from a wide variety, from different countries. Choices are based on individual products and periods of the year. Onions do not only need the right climate, they also need the exact right amount of time spent in daylight, which leads to long and short-day onions.



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