The webpage: every webpage in which the publisher placed a hyperlink to this disclaimer with the intention to let this disclaimer apply to that page.

The publisher: Jansen-Dongen, the authorized publisher of the webpage
Use/usage: load, log in, request, consult, read, watch, listen, edit, filling in (of forms), sending, (temporarily) copying, saving, forwarding, spreading, making use of services, the undertaking of legal acts (buying or renting)
You: the representative entity that uses the webpage
The content: Among others; texts, images, hyperlinks, audio and video files and or other objects
Damage: direct or indirect damage from any kind. Among others; lost data, turnover, profit or any other economic disadvantage.

2. The following applies to the webpage. By using the webpage, you agree with this disclaimer.

3. The publisher does its best to adjust and update the content of the webpage on a regular basis. Despite from all the efforts here, it is possible that the available content is not complete and that the information is not right.
4. The publisher offers the content of the webpage in the country where it is actually located, without a warranty or protection in terms of soundness and proper usage for a certain goal. The content is experimental, and meant for private usage.
5. The publisher is not responsible for any kind of damage that took place, or may take place because of using the webpage, or by not being able to consult the webpage.
6. The publisher may adjust or delete the webpage in any preferred way, at any preferred moment in time, without a warning. The publisher is not responsible for the consequences of the adjustments or possible deletion.
7. According to this disclaimer, the publisher is not responsible for files that are attached to the website by external, third parties. Attachment here means; not a usage of the files.
8. Unauthorized usage of the webpage or the content of the webpage is classified as an intrusion on intellectual properties, laws about privacy, publication and/or communication in the broadest meaning of the word. Visitorss are responsible for whatever they send or spread from the page.
9. The publisher has the right to exclude individuals or organizations from visits to the webpage and to make use of the webpage or services offered on the webpage. In that perspective, the publisher has to right to monitor access to the website



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