Fine carrots: A-carrots; weight: 12 to 150 grams
Medium-grossly carrots:   B-carrots; weight: 50 to 250 grams
Grossly carrots:   C-carrots; weight: 200 to 400 grams
Grossly carrots: D-carrots; weight: 400 grams +


Jansen-Dongen has its own growth and its own import for carrots, all certified in terms of Global Gap. Within the given collations, Jansen-Dongen diversifies 3 different items in its product range:


Dutch carrots

These carrots are being stored with mechanic cooling after harvesting (end of June till November) is finished.


Available in: bag of 1, 2 or 3 kilograms
  punnet of 1 kilogram


Texel carrots

Besides from the Dutch carrots, the Texel carrots have a special place in our product range. The growth takes place in a straw and plastic covering. The carrots are harvested fresh from the soil, which ensures a beautiful color of the skin and a fresh taste. The Texel carrots are available from November till Februari. They are available in punnets of 1 kilogram.


Freshi carrots - import

From Februari till June Jansen-Dongen imports carrots from Israël. To ensure the highest quality possible, Jansen-Dongen set up special growth-projects in Israël.


Because of the ideal climate and logistic conditions these carrots can be transported fresh, every week. This results in a highly noticeable plus in terms of taste and appearance.


From arriving to packaging – An insight in Jansen-Dongen’s inbound logistics




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